This is the official website of the Cotswolds Canals Cruising Club – the 4C’s.

Another day on the G&S

What we do

We are an internet based cruising club with members from many regions across the country. We don’t have any premises or moorings of our own but that doesn’t stop us from having lots of fun together as we cruise or meet up from time to time.

You don’t have to be a boat owner to be a member of our club. Some of our members are hirers, share-boat partners or simply  enthusiasts who enjoy our company and join us when they can.

Each year since the club was formed, there have been organised cruises, often more than one. Generally members will cruise independently until they reach a pre-arranged rendezvous and then club boats will cruise together for a while.  Click here for Cruises Page

Some of the cruises are those that you may hesitate to do on your own but are quite happy to do with a group. Cruises like the 2013 Thames Barrier and Tideway Cruise or the 2014 crossing of  The Mersey Estuary or The Wash (revisited in 2018); some of our members have done both. Others cruised the River Nene and The Middle Levels.

Crossing The Wash (again – in 2018)

Those “special” cruises require a certain amount of preparation in respect of seaworthiness and general safety. The cruises are very well planned and include all the safety information you might need as well as comprehensive briefings.

A typical end of day Pimms on the bank

Members Gongoozling!

Memorable cruising


Membership of our club is open to everybody, whether you have a boat or not.

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For boaters, the benefits of membership are  planned cruises, the regular social meetings and get-togethers (on and off the water – sometimes in the water!) and associate membership of the AWCC (Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs).


Other associated Cruising Clubs (members of AWCC) can offer free temporary moorings where space is available; the welcome use of their club premises and facilities and if needed, assistance with transport or engineering support.

If you would like to join us, you are assured of a warm welcome from a very friendly group of people.