AVON 2023

We decided that this year we would have a local cruise as the days of long distance cruises are probably over for Sue and myself.  We are lucky as the River Avon is close by and easy to use.  So we contacted Bruce and Margaret on Luck B who agreed that we have a mini 4Cs cruise on the Avon.

For many years we have attended the Evesham River Festival where past experience has given us an excellent time.  The banner photo on the 4Cs web page is from a past festival.  Avon River Trust do a deal for Festival people we got festival fee and a month’s Cruising for half price. The Avon is a beautiful river with wonderful vistas excellent mooring spots and good shopping. Plus of course the best Lardy cakes in the country.

We decided ambling and basically doing very little was the aim which we achieved perfectly!  We visited all the main spots. The amazing thing was that there were virtually no boaters around it was so quiet that we moored at Pershore where, virtually, no other boats were around completely unknown in August.  Went to Stratford for the first time ever in August, the moorings were only half full.  At Evesham we met up with Andy and Wendy plus other friends and had an excellent couple of days.  The Festival as always produced excellent fun and fireworks.  But very few narrowboats.  Oh yes, I managed to scalp myself resulting in first-aid and a couple of days later a hospital visit. A great and relaxing time in a lovely place with excellent company.

Report and Images by Martin Turner