On 30-Sep-23 there was a rally in Gloucester Docks to support of the ‘Fund Britain’s Waterways’ campaign.  This was organised by the ‘Fund Gloucester’s Waterways’ group, a member of the national ‘Fund Britain’s Waterways’ campaign, which included the 4C’s past Commodore, Martin Turner.

This rally was to highlight the local issues of Gloucester Docks being closed for six months last winter, issues with silting, and the reduced-hours / closed-days on the G&S Canal.  As well as restricting local boaters, this have seen visiting boat numbers halve.

The event received media attention on the BBC  Also, there are a couple of video clips on the 4Cs facebook group page.

The FGW group has produced a Rally Wrap-Up following the 30-Sep-23 event, which can be accessed from this post. Click here

What does seem to have caused some consternation is our members being labelled as ‘Activists’ – vigorous advocate of a cause – beware !!

Information and Images from Martin Turner (the one in yellow !! on the shiny blue boat)