The 4Cs is “the Cruising Club that cruises”.  With members from all over the country the Club has no base, instead we come together for cruises and to have fun on the rivers and canals network. Formed in 2011 following a promotion cruise to highlight the restoration works of the Cotswold Canals Trust that is bringing back to life The Stroudwater Canal and its connection to the network.  As a group the 4Cs carry out more adventurous cruises of estuaries and tidal rivers, attend festivals and visit restoration canals.

Around the network it is evident that these waterways spaces are for all.  Not just boaters, but people enjoying their leisure time and a number of boats are people’s homes (some in a poor condition).

The Club enjoys sailing most rivers and canals on the network and their many varied delights.  In recent years members feedback has been of declining standards of safety and quality due to CRT funding pressures.  The 4Cs supports the efforts of FBW to ensure that this fantastic and historic resource is properly financed to keep it maintained and cared for the future benefit of all.