Of Mice and Men

Cotswolds Canal Cruising Club and the 5th C : Best laid plans of mice and men (and cruising clubs) often go awry!

Well, along with just about everything else in the UK at present, our extensive plans for an extended cruising season this year have all had to be shelved. After the first Covid-19 news was heard , we began cutting out bits of the plans, thinking we might still be able to go ahead, but with fewer occasions for big get togethers along the way, But it very soon became clear that we had no alternative but to cancel and then our hand was forced by the National shut down.

We had an emergency committee meeting on March 24th and having  suspended this year’s program  we voted unanimously to waive membership fees for the 2020 season, which would have been due in April. If you pay by DD and the fee of £6 per member has already gone through, with your permission , we will hold it over for 2021. Please contact the treasurer if you require a refund.

Meanwhile, we hope you are all keeping well and safe and are not going stir crazy at not being able to take advantage of this beautiful cruising weather.

We hope , if all goes well, to meet up later in the year.

Stay home if you can and stay safe till we meet again.

4Cs Committee

The club that really cruises given half a chance!!