Our cruise started on Friday 17th May at Goytre Wharf, home of Redline boats; a lovely place set in the Monmouthshire countryside near Pontypool. It was something of a new experience for all as we had to hire boats! The canal at present is landlocked so we were unable to take our own boats.

Five boats were hired; it would have been more but some left it too late to book. Hire boats on this canal are booked up very quickly.

All the best plans get changed and as Bruce and Margaret of Lucky B were not starting until the next day, we all agreed to venture south towards Pontypool and the Star Inn at bridge 62 . We had a lovely meal, local food, well cooked at a pub ideally positioned but it was Rugby night at Pontypool! TV sound on loud and locals noisy. Conversation was all but impossible but it was fun.

This canal is stunning with amazing countryside and wonderful pubs. Rather than give a detailed trip report, photos seem to do it more justice. Everyone who went agreed that the trip was lovely we had great fun some lovely meals.  We came together as a group in the typical Four Cs way. Highlights were the club get-together at the Red Lion in Llangynidor. The Sunday lunch at Crickhowell. The weather. The speed bumps in the canal. The 2MPH Cruising speed.

The canal is known to be shallow because it was a tub canal with a U shaped profile. Boats on the canal generally have V shaped hulls to accommodate the shallow sides and make mooring simpler. At our excellent briefing from Red Line we were informed that we would go aground. Our sceptical lot said well we are experienced! Just one hour south we met Jan, Richard etc on their nice newish boat aground and stuck in trees. All came together to the rescue.

Here is a selection of photos which adequately say what words cannot: