Macclesfield/Caldon Canals Cruise 2018

Cotswolds Canal Cruising Club

Boats from Gloucester area to travel along the River Severn to Stourport arriving
Sunday 3 June.

Proposed route to Westport Lake with estimated timings:

This section is not as such part of the cruise but if you wish to join us on route as happened last year please do.

Stourport                                                                                Sunday 3 June

York Street Moorings
Services, Tescos 200m. Lidl
adjacent  canal.

Stourport to Kinver                                                                 Monday 4 June            5-6 hrs

Moor on visitor moorings, visit village.                                                                       5/6 locks

Kinver to Womborne                                                               Tuesday 5 June           5hrs

Moor just before bridge 43,                                                                                       13 locks
pub Waggon and Horses, buses into town.

Womborne to Wightwick                                                         Wednesday 6 June     3-4 hrs

Moor here, good pub.                                                                                                7 locks
Buses into Wolverhampton.

Wightwick to Gailey                                                                Thursday 7 June         4-5 hrs

Good moorings before lock on left,                                                                           3 locks
Sainsburys at Compton Locks
Services at Gailey

Gailey to Stafford Boat Club                                                   Friday 8 June 6hrs

Evening at Stafford Boat Club,                                                                                  11 locks
Maybe a Quiz, time to beat them!
Moor before bridge or on club quay
if space. AWCC members.

Stafford Boat Club to Great Haywood                                    Saturday 9 June             3/4hrs

Aldi at bridge 98                                                                                                        1 lock
Moor Tixall wide or village, provisions
in village and Farm Shop. Services

Great Haywood to Stone                                                        Sunday 10 June          4hrs

Moor either below locks (easier access to town)                                           4 or 6 locksor above Stone, beyond chandlery.
Services, provisions etc.

Stone to Barlaston                                                                  Monday 11 June         3 hrs

Plenty of moorings, nearby pubs                                                                               6 locks

Barlaston to Westport Lake                                                    Tuesday 12 June        4/5hrs

Services at Etruria.                                                                                                    5 locks
Provisions etc in general area


Start of Four C’s Cruise: Assemble at Westport Lake Moorings.

 Excellent moorings adjacent to lake, suggest evening in main leisure centre or nearby venue. TBA.

 We will be cruising south so those coming from the south need to turn at winding hole before the tunnel.

Wednesday 13th June to Wednesday 20th June: Caldon Canal incl visit to Stoke on Trent Cruising Club.

 The aim is to have a relaxing cruise with time to visit nearby attractions or put your feet up!

 Itinerary for our cruise

Westport Lake to Milton                                              Wednesday 13 June               3-4 hrs

Services at Etruria                                                                                                     3 locks                                                                                                                                                                             Pubs and services

Milton to Leek Branch or cruise and

return to moor at Hazlehurst Junction                        Thursday 14 June                   4/6 hrs
on either length.                                                                                                        6/8 locks

To Froghall, back to Consall Forge                            Friday 15 June                        5hrs

Moor on River, evening meal in the pub.                                                                   8 locks

Day at Consall Forge                                                  Saturday   16 June                 0 hrs

Trip on the Railway to Froghall and back or total length.
Lovely walks, day of rest!

Consall Forge to Endon                                             Sunday   17 June                   4hrs

Mooring near or at Stoke Boat Club.                                                                         7 locks
Evening with Club. AWCC members

Endon to Hanley Park                                                Monday 18 June                      3 hrs

A chance to enjoy the park and visit the City centre                                                 6 locks

Hanley Park to Westport Lake                                   Tuesday 19 June                    4hrs

Perhaps a trip to Middleport pottery, an amazing place                                             3 locks
to see, still using Victorian machinery and methods.
Arrive Westport Lake evening

A Continuation of our Cruise to Bugsworth Basin June 20th-June 27th

Westport Lake to Scholar Green.                               Wednesday 20 June                3 hrs

through Harecastle Tunnel, may have to wait up to                                     1 lock
an hour. Some may wish to visit Old Moreton Hall,
bus from bridge 94 or walk from Bridge 86, 1 mile.
Boatyard for pumpout at Scholar Green.

Scholar Green to bottom of Bosley Locks                  Thursday  21 June                  2hrs

Congleton for lunch/shopping Bridge 75 or 74.

Bosley Locks to Gurnett Aqueduct                                         Friday 22 June             5hrs

Lovely spot with good pub                                                                                          12 locks
Services top of locks (Pumpout card required)

Gurrnett to High Lane for NC Cruising Club                          Saturday 23 June       3 hrs

Stop at Macclesfield for excellent Silk Museum
Shopping etc, interesting town.
NCCC  High Lane AWCC Members
Time to shop and spend an evening at the clubhouse.
Maybe another quiz evening?

Day of rest, Midsummers Day                                               Sunday 24 June          0 hrs

Perhaps a special evening BBQ
NCCC and Sunday lunch at Pub

NCCC to Bugsworth Basin                                                     Monday 25 June                3/4hrs

Time to sit, see and enjoy.
Evening at Navigation Pub.
We intend to stay here three days
Easy walk to Whaley Bridge for train service to Buxton.
Tesco within walking distance or moor outside.
A day with the Bugsworth Preservation Group, talk and tour
plus evening or BBQ at Basin. TBA.

This is the end of our cruise but some have already asked to tranverse the Huddersfield canal. Here is our proposed itinerary.


Bugsworth to Marple                                                              Thursday 28 June.            2/3hrs

Visit Marple

Marple to Romily                                                                    Friday 29 June             6hrs

Duke of York Pub moorings                                                                                         16 locks
you may prefer to moor below locks
Depends on traffic situation on canal.
Decision on day

Romily to  Stalybridge                                                             Saturday 30 June      5hrs

Visit Portland Basin Museum                                                                                      6 locks
Visit Stalybridge Town
Visit Tescos
Moor beyond Bridge 97 near cable bridge

Bridge 97 to Saddleworth                                                       Sunday 1 July             6hrs

Possible presentation at Museum                                                                              13 locks
Lovely area.

Saddleworth to Dobcross                                                       Monday  2 July           1hr

Water point, lovely village                                                                                            2 locks



Dobcross to Diggle                                                                 Tuesday 3 July            4/5hrs

Good mooring at Diggle locks, above                                                                         11 locks
and bottom with CRT agreement.

Standedge Tunnel                                                                  Wednesday 4 July        4/6 hours

Arrive Tunnel portal 11.30am .
Fill at water point to keep boat as low as possible.
Check CRT requirements on web.
Into tunnel at 1pm. 1.5hrs transit
Boats leave every 45mins.

Standedge tunnel emerges at Marsden.
Moor above lock, visitor centre visit etc.

Marsden to Slaithwaite                                                          Thursday 5 July           7hrs

Moorings beyond Bridge 44                                                                                       19 locks
Water and Elsan above Lock 21E

Slaithwaite                                                                               Friday 6 July               0hrs

Day off, time to enjoy the area

Slaithwaite to Milnsbridge                                                      Saturday 7 July             4/5hrs

10 locks

Milnsbridge to Huddersfield                                                   Sunday  8 July            5hrs

Moor beyond lock 9E                                                                                                 13 locks

Huddersfield   DAY OFF                                                          Monday  9 July          0hrs

Canalside Sainsbury’s
Aspley Wharf, services launderette

Cotswolds Canal Cruising Club  (pdf to facilitate easy printing)