Treasurer’s Report and Account Summary

Cotswolds Canal Cruising Club

Treasurer’s Report April 2016-17

 As you are aware last year was a bit of an anomaly as we moved the financial year and had virtually no income from subscriptions. So this year is the first real comparison.

We had 48 paid up members compared with 59 in 2015, so a reduction of 10 which equates to a £50 shortfall.

We had to pay for the AGM meeting room this year which cost £45, the first time I believe. With the advent of the online AGM this will not recur, however the Planning meeting/Social will do and this will probably be a recurring cost.

In 2015 we funded our donation to Cotswold Mobility by way of a raffle; this year we have made a £100 donation straight from funds.

This has resulted in a modest loss of £34, but we are operating at a profit when considering essential expenditure, and our reserves are running around £250 which is healthy when considering the need to occasionally fund purchases such as Burgee stock.

Our outgoings are mainly AWCC and a very moderate charge for the website; thanks must go the Robin and Ged Layfield for providing and maintaining this at virtually zero cost.

In the light of the above the committee has agreed that subscriptions should increase to ensure we do not erode our capital base. There will be an agenda proposal to increase the subscription to £6 per person which I recommend.

Burgee stock is valued at cost; we make a very moderate profit on the sale of each one- around 25p!

We also need to canvass the membership to decide what our strategy for future donations (if any) should be. We have historically supported Costwolds BoatMobility, suggestions have been made to include the CCT, and of course there are other waterways based charities. BoatMobility is a worthwhile charity with a small funding base, our donations have been welcome and useful.

Ric Whitby

Hon Treasurer


Year to 05 April 2017 2016 2017 Notes
Subscriptions 240.00 40.00 48 members, 59 in 2015, 49 @ 08/17
Interest 0.00
Sundry Income 10.00
Raffle Income 0.00 £132 in 2015 funded charitable Donation
Burgee Sales 75.00 38.00
315.00 88.00
AWCC Subscriptions 65.80 75.00
Burgee Purchase    176.60 0.00
Cotswold Mob Donation 100.00 132.00
Website Fees 29.70 £10.49 paid 2017/18
Tel/Post     9.90 0.00
AWCC Cards
Venue Hire 45.00 Frome Mill
397.30 236.70


Closing 58.24 8 Burgees+ AWCC Cards
Increase/(Decrease) 48.34
NET PROFIT/(LOSS) (33.96) 148.70  
Year to 5th April – 2017 2016  
Creditors 0.00 0.00
Cash in Hand 26.00 0.00
Stock of Burgees + Cards    58.24 9.90
Debtors 0.00 0.00
Bank Balance 216.26 324.56
300.50 334.46  
Opening Balance 334.46 483.16
Profit /Loss for Year (33.96) (148.70)
BALANCE 300.50 334.46  

Note: There was a raffle in 2016/17 but the cash went direct to Cotswold Boatmobility and not through our bank