AGM 2017 Agenda

Cotswolds Canal Cruising Club

Annual General Meeting

To be held on-line

On Saturday 7th October 2017 at 3pm

Polls will remain open until 3pm on Tuesday 10th October 2017



Commodore’s opening address:              

This will be the first time we have held an on-line AGM and we hope that it will go smoothly. By holding this on-line, all our members are able to take part. In the past some have been unable to travel to distant locations and have therefore been excluded. Everyone can have their say this time.  Please take a little time to consider the options you are being asked to vote on. The Poll page will allow you to simply tick the option that you are in favour of. The results will be published as soon as they have been counted.

1:            To approve the minutes of the last AGM (Poll)
The Minutes are available on the 4C’s website at: /2016/12/annual-general-meeting-26-nov-2016/

2:            Matters arising will be examined by the Committee and any item brought to notice and requiring attention at the AGM will be included. If after reading the Minutes of 2016, you have anything to bring to the attention of the committee, please do so at the earliest opportunity. Any item requiring a vote will be included in the poll)

3:            To approve the Treasurers report.
The Report and Statement of account are published in the post “Treasurer’s Report” on the website.

4:            Election of Officers Nominations for election* should be forwarded to the Secretary no later than 23rd September 2017.  Nominations received will be elected by Poll

5:            Subscriptions

6:            Charitable Donation £100 to Cotswolds Boatmobility. (Poll)

7:            Planning Meeting & Social (Information only- no poll involved) This is to be held at:    Stafford Boat Club on Saturday 25th November 2017 (Timings to be advised)

8:            Any Other Business
( A dedicated thread will be open for you to make any comments)

*At the AGM, all offices become vacant. Members who wish to nominate a candidate for any of the posts of: Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Cruise Coordinator or Committee Member should forward their nominations to the Secretary as soon as possible and in any case 2 weeks prior to the elections.

Where there are no candidates nominated, the present post holders will be asked if they are willing to continue in post for the next year and then, subject to your confirmation, they will be duly elected by poll.

The Office of Commodore is selected by the Committee at its first meeting after the AGM (usually immediately afterwards and the result is then minuted and circulated to the membership).

As some members may by then be on holiday or cruising without access to the internet, apologies for absence should be communicated to the Secretary ( if possible.

Ged Layfield
Club Secretary