Planned Cruises 2017


Thursday May 26th – Sunday June 4th 2017

Time is beginning to slip by once again (doesn’t it always?) and we are making steady progress in more detailed planning.

We are rapidly getting to the point where we need to have more definitive numbers of members attending so that we can negotiate various things, like moorings in Gloucester, meals out, transport, guides and so on.

Before you say “NO,” here is our more detailed plan for the cruise. So please say “YES,” we are coming along.

If in doubt at all about transiting the River Severn from Stourport/Worcester/Tewkesbury to Gloucester, DON’T HESITATE TO ASK FOR ADVICE OR ASSISTANCE! We have a number of members who are very familiar with the river passage and are prepared to help crew or bring your boat down here – or take it back!

Thursday 25th/Fri 26th
Assemble and moor in Gloucester Docks. Please, if possible, all boats “dress overall” with flags/bunting and lights. We will be a tourist attraction (unpaid).

Fri. May 26th
Evening Meal out. It is hoped that, by a majority vote, (for the sake of our normal club social gatherings), we all eat in the same restaurant.

These days in Gloucester, there are an increasing number of excellent venues! African, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Portuguese – even fusion! all are within a short(ish) walk of the moorings. More details later as choices emerge.

Sat 28th/Sunday 29th
Every 2 years, Gloucester Docks hosts a “Tall Ships” festival, a most spectacular event. It is supported by numerous other events around the City: Shanty festival, food and drink festival, boating for the disabled, markets. Tommy Neilsen’s ship repair yard (the only one of its type in the UK) is normally open for ship tours.  )

Monday 30th
Walk over Olney Island to Over (variously pronounced “Over” or “Oover”) Basin .
A guide will describe the restoration in progress on the Hereford and Gloucester Canal Restoration and we’ll see progress local to the basin.
Coffee/lunch in “The Warehouse.”

Tuesday 31st.
Cruise to Saul Junction, (where the Stroudwater Navigation is crossed by the G&S). En route, re-victual at Sainsbury – (mooring at canal-side.)

Wednesday June 1st.
Transport provided for extensive tour and talks about Cotswold Canals Restoration. This will start at Brimscombe Port (currently as found) and continue to Eastington. (or maybe the other way round!)

Thursday June 1st.
Morning short walk so see the lower portion of phase 1b of the CCT restoration
Afternoon cruise to Purton.

Friday.  2nd.
Visit the Purton Hulks, where a guide will describe a marine archaeologists’ delight (and a major surprise to me when I discovered they were there!)Discover them here: Purton Hulks,

Saturday  3rd
VERY short cruise (2-300 yards) towards  Sharpness Docks,
Barbecue on Canal Bank, close to the site of the old River Severn railway crossing. This was the site of the Barge Disaster on 25th October 1960.

Sunday 4th.
Walk (1/2 mile each way) to the famed Dockers Club for Sunday roast lunch.
Finally, Sharpness Docks, a tour and Potentially, the famed Dockers Club Sunday lunch. As well as all this, there are numerous places of refreshment, both liquid and not so liquid. I’m sure we can find a few of those too!

Please come along, to join in for what we hope will be a fun-filled, fabulous, frolic! You can find out more about the festival here.

In Conclusion:
We are at the stage now where we need to firm up numbers and boat attendance. This is to enable negotiations to take place with various organisations for the event.

You are DEFINITELY coming (8 boats said “Yes” at the AGM)
You PROBABLY will come – the cut-off date has to be set for Friday March 31st.

Let me know as soon as you can if you are interested.

Bob Hallam
Cruise Manager

Martin Turner – Commodore

The Chesterfield Canal is not much visited but is one of the loveliest in the UK. It is partly wide beam and partly narrow. The final two miles or so to the present summit at Kiveton is considered by many to be one of the best. It incorporates some staircases and generally will be excellent fun. We have tied up with the Chesterfield Canal Trust and we will have a special 6 hour boat trip, guided tour and lunch on the isolated section in Chesterfield. In addition we will see the new restoration projects.

On the way up the canal we have been invited to social evenings at the Yacht and Boat Club and we will have a special club event at Kiveton where I am arranging a lunch and inviting members from all over the country to join us for a day by the canal with excellent food.

On one of the evenings at Kiveton it is proposed to have a joint evening with the Chesterfield Canal Trust. Final details have yet to be determined.

On our way up from Gloucester we intend to take it easy and have some side trips; the idea is that members may join wherever they like. After Chesterfield nothing has yet been arranged but a trip to Sheffield or say Ripon makes a lot of sense. Once again members can drop in and out as convenient.

This document is the proposed trip from Gloucester to The Chesterfield and includes a side trip to Boston.

Some of you will not be confident of boating on the Trent so the idea is to gather at Nottingham County Hall moorings where we can arrange convoys down the Trent for those who haven’t cruised on the Trent before. The same arrangements will be made for the return trip.

The itinerary is as you can guess subject to change but the key dates are fixed on the Chesterfield as this is our key cruise along with Bob’s Gloucester & Sharpness Cruise for the year. Sue myself will be carrying out a final survey of the canal within the next few weeks to determine moorings etc.

A final point is that the media may be involved at Chesterfield. I presume that you will be happy to have your photo taken or be interviewed by radio or TV but if not please let me know via club email.

If  you have a VHF radio please have it on board and switched on to the right channel (to be advised).

Bobs cruise at Gloucester finishes on June 4th. The following route takes the easiest route from Gloucester but of course you are free to go join anywhere you like . Please note the gathering day at Nottingham will only happen once. If you intend to go later or are coming from the north we cannot at present offer company but maybe other members will be going from that direction. Follow 4 Cs emails for updates or information.

Planning is based on roughly 5 hour cruising days except on the Trent. The Chesterfield Canal is shallow as it was originally designed for Tub type boats. 4 mph is not often possible more like 2/3mph.

We have a side trip to Boston but of course people may wish to stay at Lincoln and wait if they do not want to venture into the wilds of Lincolnshire.  In addition I may arrange special trips to a couple of areas of interest near Nottingham, watch out!.

Itinerary for 4C’s Chesterfield Canal Cruise

 The first section from Gloucester allows for general relaxation etc. I have given a suggested route to Nottingham. Other options are the Avon to Stratford/ Stratford Canal/Birmingham/Fradley /Nottingham.   Or Droitwich Canal/Tardibigge /Birmingham. Its your choice!

June 8th                                    Gloucester to Worcester. Moor at Racecourse.

June 9th                                    Worcester to Stourport River or York Street mooring,                                                                              Supermarkets and pubs, trip on the Steam Railway? Lime Kiln                                                            Chandlers

June 11th                                  Stourport.

June 12th                                  Kinver, excellent pubs, visit to Rock houses?

June  13th                                 Womborne

June 14th                                  Wightwick, lovely mooring visit Wightwick manor to see the                                                               best  William Morris house in the UK ( 200m canal)

June 15th                                  Gailey  Pubs, Midland Chandlers.

June 16th                                  Tixall wide, enjoy the wildlife.

June 17th                                  Fradley Junction. Pubs but busy

June 18/19th                             Alrewas, visit National Memorial?

June 20th                                  Willington

June 21st                                 Shardlow, famous port, pubs etc

June 22nd                              Nottingham County Hall. Visit castle, Lace museum etc


We now gather for the trip on the Trent

June 23rd                                 Nottingham to Newark

June 24th                                Newark to Lincoln. Some of this section is tidal and timings will                                                    depend on Tides and agreement with Lock keepers. Information                                                      later.

June 25th                                  Lincoln, moorings either in town or beyond, bus back to Lincoln.

June 26th                                  Lincoln to Dogdyke, pub waterways, breasting up essential.

June 27th                                  Dogdyke to Boston, Church etc.

June 28th                                  Boston to Kirkstead or for the bored Lincoln!

June 29th                                  Lincoln

June 30th                                  Lincoln to West Stockwith times to be sorted after discussion                                                             with Lock keepers re tides etc.


This is now the main Chesterfield Canal Cruise

June 30th                                  Gather West Stockwith Basin, moor, evening at Yacht Club.

July 1st                                     Retford Boat Club , Social evening

July 2nd                                  Worksop, time to get supplies etc.

July 3rd                                    Shireoaks, Marina facilities etc.

July 4th                                   Through flight to Kiveton, help each other up locks.

July 5th                                  Kiveton, Day trip with Chesterfield Canal Trust. Boat trip, lunch                                                         etc Cost £26.00per person. Transport either train or coach to                                                              Chesterfield. Evening social with CCT.

July 6th                                Four C’s Club Day. Hopefully members will join us for a club                                                                day with lunch at the pub. And general get together, Games will be                                                  organised this year.

July 8th                                 Day of rest.

July 9th                                 Kiveton to Shireoaks, help down locks.

July 10th                              Worksop area, supplies again

July 11th                              Boat Club ?

July 12th                             West Stockwith. We will have to sort out departure times etc. with                                                   lock keeper. Information by then. Continue to Sheffield, Ripon????

Back to Nottingham?

On most of these routes local transport connections are good . Train stations are adjacent to the canal or nearby at Kiveton for example its immediately adjacent to the canal.

Lets all get together and have a good and interesting time , perhaps also including the occasional Pimms evening.

Martin Turner