River Avon Cruise

1] At the commencement of the cruise, Martin will be at Stourport where the best mooring if arriving from the north will be York Street above the lock. If you are arriving from the river, contact Martin : 07860 521876 or email: martin.turner@btinternet.com and he will advise you accordingly.

2] Stourport -Worcester: The Cathedral and Pottery are World class and the shops are excellent. Mooring here is suggested at Riverside. Breasting up is normal and there may be a £3:00 mooring fee.

3] River Avon: The Trust requires boats to be tethered before filling the locks which can be a bit lively when going uphill – so do take care when opening the paddles.

4] Gloucester – Tewkesbury: Martin has arranged with Gordon Harrower to co-ordinate this section. It is suggested that boats using this route meet at Saul on Saturday 25th June. Gordon can be contacted by phone or email which will be circulated to members by email.

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