Minutes of the AGM 2015

Minutes of the Cotswolds canal Cruising Club. Held at Fromebridge Mill, Whiminster.

31st October 2015, 2.00pm.

A welcome to all attending was made by the Commodore.

Apologies were received from:

  • John and Sheila Brown
  • Bob and Nicola Adams
  • Anne Heron
  • Peter and Lesley Taylor
  • John and Sheila Brown
  • Jayne and Mike Provost
  • Marilyn Layfield
  • Lyn Mellors
  • Geoff and Beryl Smith
  • John and Angela Cheeseborough
  • Jim and Joyce Hanks

Welcome new members Sallie and Richard Gleed

A tribute was made by the Commodore to Wendy Beaumont our founder and past Commodore, followed by a one minute silence in memory of Wendy.

Wendy’s husband David was at the meeting and it was proposed by Jan Thomas and seconded by Polly Fothergill that he be made an honorary member. The vote was unanimous.

Minutes of previous AGM

The minutes of last year’s AGM had been circulated on the website and parts were read by the Commodore.

Proposed by Sue Turner and seconded by Bruce Paul, the minutes were approved and accepted by the AGM.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


The accounts were submitted by Neil Fothergill.

Profit £320.00

AWCC subs next year £75.00

Float agreed at £250.00

Ged has covered the cost of the website over the last two years.

Polly proposed, seconded by Sue , the accounts were approved by the AGM

It was agreed a donation of £100.00 would be made to Cotswold Boat Mobility our charity.


All committee members retired. Polly has resigned to go boating in France.

Existing members re- elected (no other nominees),   proposed by Lyn Hallam, seconded Polly Fothergill , the vote was unanimous .

To elect new  committee members.

Marilyn Layfield                nominated by Jayne Provost and Angela Cheeseborough.

Hilary Whitby                     nominated by Bob Hallam

All Seconded by Lyn Hallam, the vote was unanimous.

To elect committee posts.

Treasurer            Hilary Whitby nominated by Bob Hallam

Secretary             Ged Layfield nominated by Martin Turner. Bob Hallam. Jan Thomas

Membership Secretary  Marylyn Layfield,  nominated by Angela Cheeseborough. Jayne Provost

All seconded by Lyn Hallam,  the vote was unanimous.


Bob Hallam explained the changes.

Andy Dyke suggested that the current voting system, where every committee member retires each year be changed  to half the committee  retires after two years , half the committee after one year to maintain continuity.

All changes proposed by Bob Hallam seconded by Andy, the vote was unanimous.

A new constitution will be circulated to all members shortly and placed on the website.

In future all new members will be welcomed with a membership pack containing the constitution and other relevant information, this will be sent by land mail. All other communications will use the club email system or individual mails as required. Bob made a strong point that the Club’s system was for standard communications and not for use as a place to argue. Photographs should not be placed on the mail system but may be sent to the Webmaster for uploading onto the website. Please, if members receive a personal mail on the system be careful not to press reply to all.

Our membership card (referred to in the constitution) is the AWCC card. Other information re AWCC and cards etc will be placed on the website.

Commodores report

The Cotswold Canals Cruising Club is the cruising club that cruises! This was well demonstrated in 2014 when several major cruises were undertaken by some of our members; you will see reports on other parts of the Website so well done to you all and thank you for contributing to what must be the best cruising club on the Inland Waterways.

It is an honour that I have been asked to take over from Wendy as Commodore. She will be a hard act to follow. Without her foresight and original thinking the club would not exist. At our AGM Wendy was presented with flowers and a special Fours C’s teapot to commemorate her term. Bob Hallam gave a tribute that was fully endorsed by those present. Thanks again to Wendy who is now an honorary member and still our representative on the AWCC. In addition our thanks must go to Debbie who has been our secretary for the last three years who at times has done a Herculean job bringing everyone together. Also thanks to John Cheesbrough for the marvellous cruises that he has planned , organised and attended them all. Bob Hallam has taken over he has  hard act to follow!

It is amazing how many members have joined us in the last year, our reputation must be spreading; we are now truly a national club but with its roots within the Cotswold Canals (Trust) who we support and are affiliated to.

I am filled with confidence that the club will continue to grow and carry out some very special and interesting cruising in the years ahead. Be assured of my own and the committee’s best efforts to promote all aspects of the club.

A brief note about myself, the committee will be posting their own notes. I am Chairman of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire IWA, a member of the IWA Navcom committee where I am responsible for navigation issues in the South West. In addition I am heavily involved with Canal restoration. Sue and myself have a 58ft narrowboat called Doinmein and if you see us, stop us and come aboard for a chat.

At the 2014 AGM it was agreed that we as a club would support a charity called Sailing4thedisabled. A separate note will be published to give the detail when arrangements have been finalised . It will support the restoration of the Stroudwater in that it shows the community using the canal but most importantly it gives people with needs a wonderful day out. Look out for the information.

Cruise Report

A very good report was given by Bob on this year’s cruises, to be placed on website.

It was suggested the club could run simultaneous cruises say in two parts of the country. This will have the benefit of bringing members who do not have the time for long cruises and the opportunity to join for a short cruise. Hilary and Ric and Bob agreed to publish cruising plans based around their cruises . Details later.

Bob presented superb plaques in commemoration of the Lancaster Cruise, details on web site.

It was agreed that on each cruise a person would be appointed to keep a log for publishing on the website.

AWCC have made it clear we can use various cub houses for social events especially as part of our cruises.


Jan gave her report

We have 56 paying members up from 52 on the year.

Agreed to change membership year to April to April but AWCC is Jan to Dec so final decision with the Membership Secretary.


Ged gave a brief report on the website and its usage. He again asked those members who have not done so, to forward information for their personal pages in the Members’ area.


Andy Dyke proposed a vote of thanks to the Commodore.

A raffle was arranged  by Polly.

An excellent talk followed given by Bob on the restoration of Ham Mill Lock.

Mike Hynd of Cotswold Canal Trust gave a very interesting talk on the restoration of the Cotswold Canals and the proposals for Phase 1B a scheme that will cost in excess of £20m.

Some members on Sunday had a foggy boat trip on the G and S in Polly’s boat.