Cruise Plans for 2015

Herewith is the outline of the 2015 Cruises I am planning. Members will already have received notification by email in which I have asked that you let me know as soon as possible which cruise(s) you will definitely partake in and which ones you definitely cannot. In any event, it is important to my planning that I know how many boats to make arrangements for.


DATES: 6th to 12th  June inclusive.

I have been in touch with the current Chairlady of the Birmingham Canals Navigation Society (BCNS). I am greatly encouraged by her response and desire for us to cruise around there. Having been on a cruise with the BCNS, I was fascinated by the whole thing and vowed to take the 4C’s and do a similar thing.

Basic information – Start in (i.e. leave) Gas Street Basin Sat. 6th June, finish at Longwood Boat Club Fri. 12th June.

Longwood have a boat gathering there on Sat/Sun 13th 14th June to which we have been invited. Please let me know if you wish to join that gathering.

The final route around the BCN I have yet to finalise, but will include rarely visited parts, historically interesting places, talks, walks, eating and drinking in moderation of course!!!

There will be some cost, (currently unquantified, but depends on numbers) as I plan to invite guides and speakers for various places and talks


Dates:  21st June – 27th June inclusive.

Meet at Etruria Junction (top of the Stoke Flight – South of Harecastle Tunnel) Sat 20th June.

Cruise along the T&M feeder canal(s) into Froghall and if your boat is low enough, visit the top of the Uttoxeter Canal!.

Also close by are the Churnet Valley Railway, good pubs and hill walks, for those who choose to perambulate.

We will also visit the Leek Branch, view the feeder from Rudyard Lake, visit Leek and return to Etruria.


Dates: 6th July – 25th July. – NB!!- This date bracketing will be confirmed later when I can check the tide times and available passage on the Ribble Link

The most important thing here is the booking for the Ribble Link. I need to know URGENTLY who would like to go, the booking opens and fills very quickly by January.

I have provisionally booked two or three places, but it all depends on tides, weather and CRT cooperation – the latter of which I am working on.

I know little currently about the Lancaster, I hope more experienced boaters familiar with it will help me out.

At least one member has asked for flexibility in the return passage, this should be possible – when I can speak and negotiate on behalf of all who wish to go.


Friday May 1st – Monday May 4th

For those making their way to Birmingham  from the south, – or just as a pleasant weekend for any members in that area, St.Richards Boat and Vintage Car Rally, Vines Park Droitwich.


Saturday 29th to Monday 31st August,

Will be centred around the waterfront at Becket’s Park on the River Nene.

All the usual attractions (I guess). 4C’s members have been known to do well in the various competitions at these events!

Hope to hear from you all very soon.