Club Secretary & Commodore

Minutes of an on-line Committee meeting of the Four C’s Cruising Club
18th November 2014.

Online: Bob Hallam , Ged Layfield, Jan Thomas, Martin Turner,
Polly and Neil Fothergill.

 Proposal:  That the positions of Secretary and Commodore are combined to ease the management of the club at present.  After each AGM at the first committee meeting the position of Commodore should be considered and the committee elect one of their number or co-opt from the membership to fill the post.

Note: Committee feedback is that the current situation is fine but should be reviewed this also applies of course to all other positions on the committee as is normal practice with any organisation.

Proposed  Bob Hallam

Seconded Polly Fothergill, Jan Thomas. The proposal was unanimously approved.

There was no other business.