“Land West of Stonehouse” planning application.

The following statement has been issued by Ken Burgin and is endorsed
by CCT Chairman Jack Telling:

A planning application for 1,350 houses and 9.3 hectares of
business-industrial-wharehousing land in Eastington/Stonehouse has
recently been submitted to Stroud District Council.

If you want to see the full application, it can be accessed via the
SDC website at http://www.stroud.gov.uk/PLO/Default.aspx#s=sectioncontent1 then
copying the reference S.14/0810/OUT into the search box at the
bottom. You can then open up the details at the bottom by clicking on
the small box with a “+” in it to gain access the plans and
documentation and to submit an on-line comment.

This very large development is close to, but not right up against, the
canal in the Phase 1B length. Such large developments usually provide
a substantial financial contribution in the £ millions into the
locality through Section 106 planning agreements (S.106).

The Trust is not proposing to take a view as to whether the proposed
development is a good idea or not (individual members will have their
own and potentially differing views). However, if it goes ahead, we
think that the canal project should receive a very large S.106
contribution in recognition of its value as a recreational and green
commuting corridor for the future residents and users of this
development. Such a contribution could be key to the Trust finding
enough matched funding to enable Phase 1B to go ahead.

We would therefore encourage you to object because the application
does not provide a substantial S.106 financial contribution towards
the canal project. Even if you decide you want to object to the whole
thing, you may still wish to make the point that there should be a
contribution towards the canal were it to be approved.

Objections can be in writing to Stroud District Council:

Planning Department,
Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill
Ebley Wharf

or by going back to
http://www.stroud.gov.uk/PLO/Default.aspx#s=sectioncontent1, inserting
the same reference number and following the ‘Submit a comment’ tab.
Alternatively you can email planning@stroud.gov.uk but please remember
to insert the application reference number of S.14/0810/OUT in the
subject line.

You will need to do it before 28th April.