Arrangements for forthcoming cruises

Since I will be off to the Braunston Gathering in the next few days then onward toward Chester, I intend to circulate final notes to everyone this weekend summarising the arrangements for each of our planned events: Chester Festival, Mersey Convoy, Liverpool Link and the Wash Crossing.

For everyone else’s benefit the members involved in each of these are:

Chester Campaign Festival.(6th – 8th June)

Bob and Lynn Hallam                         Cormorant II

Martin and Sue Turner                      Doinmein

Neil and Polly Fothergill                     Intrigue

Ged and Marilyn Layfield                  Jigsaw

Bruce and Margaret Paul                   Lucky B

Geoff and Beryl Smith                         Minimo

Mike and Mo Wood                              Great Escape

John and Angela Cheesbrough    Time Out

Peter and Lesley Taylor                      Aquarigo 2


Mersey Convoy and Liverpool Link.

As above, minus Intrigue.

Wash Crossing (25th July)

Bob and Lynn Hallam                        Cormorant II

Jim Hanks and Joyce Taylor          Joie de Vivre

Bruce and Margaret Paul                 Lucky B

Mike and Mo Wood                            Great Escape

Peter and Lesley Taylor                     Aquarigo 2

Roger and Yvonne Olver                   Fizzical Attraction

Bob and Nicola Atkins                         Vagabond

John and Angela Cheesbrough     Time Out

plus Graham Hobbs as crew

The notes for each event will go only to those involved.   Should anyone else like copies, e.g. if you’re planning to meet up with any of these boats, then please let me know and I will include you on the address list.

Other boats that I know of attending other events are:

Stratford:      Intrigue,  Fiddlesticks Free, Doinmein.

BCN Cruise:  Cormorant II, Joie de Vivre

Evesham:      Intrigue

Saul:                Lucky B, Intrigue,  Doinmein,  Cormorant II

River Nene (July):  Wildcat, Wild Kitten

Those names are gleaned from a multitude of emails and may not be complete, but I hope the list helps.   If you wish to meet up with other boats you should make yourself known to each other on the group email.

Any queries or if I’ve missed something important please let me know by Monday 28th March –  I’m in London Tuesday (Classic FM Live concert) and leaving Wednesday the 30th!

May the locks be with you – both ways.

John C