July 2014 – Nene & Middle Levels

Report by Wendy Beamont (Commodore)

2014 CRUISE Wildcat/Wild kitten

Wildcat plus motley crew will be setting off to cruise from Fenny to Gayton Junction on the Grand Union and then along the Northampton Arm to Northampton.  From here  we go onto the R. Nene to Peterborough and then onto  the Middle Levels and along to the Great Ouse and thence along to and through Denver Sluice – not to be missed – and then head to Huntingdon.   It will depend how many hours you want to cruise per day as to how far we get.

DenverSluiceWild Kitten shareholders are invited to join Wildcat on this Cruise.  Also some boats of the Cotswolds Canals Cruising club who do not wish to do the Wash.   I  and some of my crew have done most of this before and so know the route quite well!

Wild Kitten shareholders could do what some of you did last year – do a week or two and then another shareholder takes over, and so on.

To get to Huntingdon – or near there – should take about 17 days – and then we have to get back (another l7 days) ..

At the moment I plan to leave Fenny Compton on Tuesday 22th July and aim to be back at Fenny on Mon. 25th Aug. (Bank Holiday monday  – but Wild Kitten could leave Wildcat  and go on  alone at any point as they wish…..

So – I need to know who is interested and which bit/bits of the cruise they wish to go on .   It is also possible  to jump on Wildcat for a week so that another shareholder can have Wild Kitten – then you could jump back onto Wild Kitten…… if that makes sense…. I do have 7 berths on Wild Cat and on any one week there should be only 3-5 of us on board.

Some boats of the Cotswolds Cruising Club have also expressed a wish to join

This adventure…..

Any way, it is up to you – let me know if you are interested.

We have to book a time to get on to the Middle Levels and also a time (and tide) to get out onto the Great Ouse and through Denver Sluice.   The Nene and the Ouse are  marvelous rivers ……

So – over to you

Wendy b

Rough timings

22 July: Depart Fenny Compton  – to Norton Junction.

23 July: Norton Junction – Gayton Junction

24 July: Gayton Junction to Northampton along the Northampton Arm

Onto the River Nene

25 July: Northampton to Wellingborough

26 July: Wellingborough to Thrupton

27 July: Thrupton to Oundle

28 July: Oundle to Wansford

29 July: Wansford to Peterborough – shop and time to visit Cathedra.

30 July: onto the Middle Levels to March