MAIB Report on Windermere boat tragedy

The MAIB has published a Safety Bulletin reporting on the tragic death of a mother and daughter by carbon monoxide poisoning aboard a moored boat on Lake Windermere last Easter. The initial findings indicate that the incident was caused by fumes leaking from a faulty exhaust system attached to  a petrol suitcase generator installed in the engine bay.

MAIB and the BSS are stressing that this type of generator is designed for use in the open air, and using them in enclosed spaces significantly increases the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.  They also emphasise that work on marine exhaust systems should only be carried out by competent qualified technicians, and should only use approved marinised parts.

The MAIB Safety Bulletin and BSS Bulletin on this subject are available for download below.

MAIB Report Windermere Tragedy

BSS Bulletin re CO